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Be True

Pain. Fear. Trauma. We all face and must embrace these emotions throughout our lives as we cannot control the time and occurrence of an event. It is hard to control, embrace, and live out a normal life during catastrophic events as we are human. Humans are creatures who feel pain and sentiment and we must always learn that life is not one of those times where we can control events but we can learn to control our emotions. We take the story of a little girl Lauren who lives in Mountain View California and how she coped with the loss of her grandmother who was her only guardian. She was just beginning her sophomore year but was not as excited as most individuals. Her grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer over a year ago and for the past two months, her condition worsened. It was during her religion class she got a call from the counselor informing her of the news. Rather than letting her emotions get the better of her, she chose to embrace her emotions and take this loss as a positive event to recognize how her grandmother had impacted her life. Life will always give you the chance to fall but you must see every event as an opportunity to rise among others and improve on yourself.

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“We all must appreciate the most important blessing; life, as this is the one gift we can never ask for”-Ankur Malik Take the time to appreciate what you have been blessed with as life is the one chan



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